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Idaho Springs, CO

July 19-20, 2019

Become A Voluntter




All prospective festival volunteers should read the FAQ below.


  1. Go to the registration link below.

  2. Click on the tab of the area you are interested in helping.

  3. Click the "Volunteer" button on the shift you wish to work

  4. Fill out required information. 

  5. Please check your email and click the link that has been sent to you to verify your email address. **YOUR SHIFTS ARE NOT CONFIRMED UNTIL YOU CLICK ON THE LINK CONFIRMING YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS!

  6. You will receive an e-mail confirming your sign up.

That's it! At this time your shift(s) are confirmed. Please keep in mind that as we get closer to the event coordinators may need to shuffle a few people around to make sure all areas are covered, but we WILL send you an email notifying you that your shift(s) have been changed.

You may visit the site at any time and view your commitment (your shifts) using your email address - no password is needed.

If you have any questions, concerns or just need general help signing up, please view the frequently asked questions (FAQs) below or contact us at or




Frequently Asked Questions

What volunteer jobs are available?

There are a number of jobs that are needed. Below is a partial list.

  • Gate attendants.

  • Parking attendants.

  • Set up and Takedown Crew.

  • Grounds Maintenance (trash pickup, etc).

  • Ticket Sellers.

How many hours are required?

There are three options for volunteers:

  1. Volunteers can work one (1) 4 hour shift either day.

  2. Volunteers can work one (1) 4 hour shift each of the two days, 8 Hours total.

  3. Set up and Take Down: Volunteers for this crew will be required to work 2 hours on the Thursday evening before, Four hours on Friday morning and 2 hours on Sunday morning after the festival.

Is camping included?

No, camping is not included. 

What are the perks for volunteering?

Volunteers who want to work 1-4 hour shift on either day will receive a single day pass for the day that they work and 1 drink ticket.

Volunteers who want to work 2-4 hour shifts, 1-4 hour on Friday and 1-4 hour on Saturday, will receive a weekend pass, 1 meal ticket each day and 2 drink tickets each day. 

In addition to the festival pass and tee shirt, volunteers who complete their shifts will be entered into a drawing at the end of the festival for a framed festival poster that is signed by all of the bands that perform. 

Note: Additional perks will be available for the set-up and take down crew, to be determined. 

Am I guaranteed to get the shifts I want?

The shifts you choose will be scheduled at the time you contact us, and most likely will not change. However, please be aware that some shifts may need to be rearranged as we get closer to the event. If we need to modify your schedule in ANY way we will notify you via email.

I NEED to see my favorite band!

The band line up will be posted on the festival website. Remember, you are scheduling yourself, so please keep the lineup in mind when picking your schedules.

What if something has come up and I need to cancel my shift?

We understand that unexpected emergencies come up, but please let us know as soon as possible. Please contact one of us listed above. If you cancel the day before or the weekend of the festival you may not be asked to volunteer next year, depending upon your circumstances. We depend greatly on our volunteers and could not have this festival without them, and late cancellations put a great strain on coordinators and other volunteers to cover holes in schedules.

Can I work with my friends?

It is solely up to you and your friends to schedule your shifts together. All available shifts appear on the sign up page, and some areas fill up quicker than others. If you want to work with friends, we advise that you sign up at the same time. 

What do I do if I already bought my festival ticket?

Please email to explain your situation and request a refund. Refunds are granted at the sole discretion the festival organizers and are not guaranteed. You are always welcome to try and resell your festival pass online or to friends or family that may wish to attend. HINT: They also make GREAT gifts!

What do I do if I cannot make the volunteer meeting?

A volunteers’ meeting will be held on Thursday July 11th at 7 PM, (location to be determined), for all volunteers. This is a chance to meet the coordinators, get a feel for the position you will be working, pick up your volunteer t-shirt and just mingle with other volunteers. Food (probably pizza) and drinks will be provided.  If you cannot make it, please plan to show up to the Volunteer Check-In booth 20 minutes before your assigned shift to receive instructions and have a chance to change into your volunteer t-shirt. However, this meeting is very important to the success of the festival and you should try to make it if at all possible.

How do I sign up?