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Phillips, Flinner, Grier

 Todd Phillips-acoustic upright bass, David Grier-acoustic six string guitar and Matt Flinner-mandolin, play the "dawgrass" mix of bluegrass and jazz that was defined by David Grisman. It's no coincidence that Phillips was the second mandolinist in the original Grisman quintet, but he's won two Grammy's as a bassist. Grier, a seven time Guitar Player bluegrass guitarist of the year, and Flinner a two time Winfield national champion, have their own accolades This pleasant sounding trio collectively carries on the Grisman legacy, without violin, and establishes a healthy tradition of their own. Writing chores on the nine tracks are split equally between the three, and they go perfectly in order of Flinner, Phillips & Grier. Flinner's "Paint It Shut" is the intro track and most energetic, Phillips three numbers vary from slow and deliberate on "Getting There" to a more bluesy "Dozing In The Sun Through The Window." Grier's meditative "A Long Time Ago" contrasts with the more country-ish "Car On Fire." The consistency and democratic approach makes this CD one that is easy to listen to all the way through, sporting equal portions of all three instruments, with no one player dominating on any level. and they do swing, not in a be-bop or "Hot Club" sense, but more like Bill Monroe might. Those who are fans of Grisman, Tony RiceMark O'Connor and Bela Fleck should be able to get next to this award winning ensemble. They are as balanced rhythmically and effortlessly melodic as any you'd care to name, no matter the category.

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